As The Day Ends

One of the masterpieces of life is the endless loop of hope it shows each and every single day.

The sun was about to set that time. I was sitting on a boulder slab with my legs crossed and my eyes wide open to witness it sink down from the horizon. An occurrence so common and so natural in our daily lives, yet each and every time the sun sets, it has a different story, a different look, a different feeling it evokes from you.

Recently, I spent the whole afternoon along the coast, painting the incredible seascape before me and writing my thoughts down on my travel journal. These are some of the moments that I treasure the most as I dedicate that time to connect with myself – to reflect, to introspect, to understand the meaning and my purpose in life.

It is important for me to give myself that time to meditate and to fill it with prayer because it enables me to remain in a state of peace. The elements surrounding me and the symphony of the world’s orchestra puts me in a place where no one would be able to access my deepest thoughts and emotions. A place where I remain relaxed and at ease.

Often times, those serene moments fill me with so much inspiration and immense happiness even without a single word uttered. The beauty of the world overshadows every hardship, every problem and challenge that I face. A powerful positive energy obtained from looking at it in the simplest of things.

Sunsets are a reminder that the day is about to end and a new day is about to begin. A reminder that what transcribed in the past could not be undone. The beauty of it is that we could recognize what we did, understand it, learn from our mistakes, and decide to change – and it all happens every single day.

As the day ends, you will know what should be done as another day starts anew.

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