Danjugan Island Sunrise

“Life is an interlude between nothingness and eternity.”

At that very spot, on that very morning, I stayed put on a bamboo bridge that stands on the lagoon just to wait for the sun rays to warm my cheeks. It was such a beautiful scene as the water was calm, mirroring the elements above it with that tinge of bright yellow slowly popping everywhere.

That was the third day that I was in the island – surrounded with incredible individuals and inspiring children that truly exceeded my expectations when I decided to volunteer as a leader in the Marine Camp last summer. After spending nearly a week getting to know these people and even learning from the kids, my “fear” of the sea vanished completely.

Floating adrift the turquoise waters of the island.

Floating adrift the turquoise waters of the island.

Every day I was always in the mood to sketch, to explore the area, to swim, to listen to the birds, to watch an eagle nurture its young, to go down deep in the sea just to say hello to the multi-colored aquatic life forms that exists there, to take a long siesta as the wind whistles a lullaby.

Yes, it is the beauty that nature exudes.

Sometimes when those “afternoon blues” kick in, I would walk on the beach at the opposite side of the island with my bare feet, feeling the little white pebbles touching my soles – such therapy it was to me. I would sit down and just stare at the horizon, watch the birds flying around, and hear the waves coming in.

The calm Typhoon Beach of Danjugan Island.

The calm Typhoon Beach of Danjugan Island.

Danjugan Island in Negros Occidental is a gorgeous gem breathing in and breathing out life – it is as alive as any human being that exists. I am very fortunate to have spent a quarter of my month there, getting to know myself, gaining new knowledge, making new friends, and best of all, reconnecting with Mother Earth.

The painting above is my effort to capture the moment that I was just in awe with the beauty of life that was in me and around me.

I will definitely be back in Danjugan Island very soon. Falling in love with the place numerous times is a constant when you’re actually there.

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  1. dan January 23, 2017

    awesome :) I want to go there someday

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