First Catch

At the brink of dawn we were already up to witness the Lambaklad fishing in Tibiao, Antique. The sky, so colorful like sweet candies in a bag, is so ethereal, so magical, that I made a mental note to make a painting of that one, calm, morning, drifting along the waters on a large bamboo raft, witnessing the story of those fishermen with their first catch.

This piece I made on a Sunday, just around the same time the sunlight began to gleam its smile on me. It was my first time to do a wet-on-wet watercolor technique, splashing colors everywhere from the sky to the mirroring waters. I waited as the colors combine, yellow, pink, blue, and purple all dancing in the clear water on the paper.

Layers and layers of paint seeped through the paper as I worked my way over to create the fisherman casting his net from the boat. And because the water was calm on that day, creating the reflection is as easy as gliding a few streaks below him.

lambaklad fishing

“Sometimes we have a bountiful catch and sometimes we don’t.” said this local.

Every single time I get to experiment on watercolor on my own pace, I feel this jolt of excitement in me, asking me once more to do another, and another, and another until I could get it right. I know it’s not too late to learn more techniques. One step at a time, I will get there.

More stories will be told – from the paint pan to the paper, everything will come to life.

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