Highland Life

“I have been asking questions that Google could never answer. I have been looking for the answers to questions that I haven’t thought of asking. I have been lost in life not because I am confused but because I am overwhelmed of its complexity. I have fallen deeply in love with this life that my questions can only be answered by silence.” (April 7, 2014)

She sat there in front of her home, observing the people around her with their cameras pointed on every angle. Her eyes wander and the shutter button just kept on firing as the enthusiastic photographers try to capture that moment. She remained there, still and composed.

I moved away from the scene and placed myself near the pigsty, inhaling that familiar smell of manure while formulating a thought.

“This is truly a glimpse of the village’s past.” I said while comparing the structures in that little community in Bagnen Oriente, Mountain Province. I was looking at the only house in the village that represented a huge chunk of cultural history, the only traditional house standing that is made of wood and cogon grass roofing.

Little did I know that I was marveling at the Capnay house and studying the old woman living in it. Its authenticity transported me back in time – the era before computers, internet, and microwaves. And while I stood there with so many questions in my head, I slowly pushed myself to sit with her for a couple of minutes.

Quiet time with Lola at the Capnay House in Bagnen Oriente, Mountain Province.

Quiet time with Lola at the Capnay House in Bagnen Oriente, Mountain Province.

Right there and then it just hit me that I don’t really need everything to be happy. It opened my eyes to what is beyond things, beyond the materialistic side of things, beyond the financial wealth, beyond first impressions and judgments. Sitting beside her made me feel richer and mostly, that experience reminded me that I am human. That experience alone made me feel real.

Right there and then, I have reached the zenith of my curiosity and yet the answers to my questions in life still remained unanswered. But that’s the beauty of it. The answers are limitless as the questions are infinite.

Thus, the painting “Highland Life.”

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