Linapacan Blue

“And as I gaze onto the horizon, the sky and all of its magnanimous beauty, casts a reflection to the sea, with ripples giving it life. Across me is a natural mirror where the grandiose atmosphere and the clear waters marry.” – lifted from my travel journal last May 2014.

I could clearly recall that it was one of the best minutes of my life as I sat on the back of the boat, meditating, writing my thoughts down, sketching, and simply adoring and appreciating the elegance of nature, its magnificence, and towering beauty.

When I got home from that particular trip, I began recalling those near-nirvana moments I experienced in the sea – so peaceful, so tranquil, so inspiring that I could not resist mixing tubes of blue paint onto the plate. When I laid the materials on the table, I began painting my feelings.

Paradiso. Photo by Faighar Mangkabung

Paradiso. Photo by Faighar Mangkabung

It was as if I was in a dream, detached from the neck-wringing society I was living in. I felt free as the wind blew on my face. My worries disappeared for a while, replaced by the elation when I saw those sea turtles bobbing their heads above the mirror-like waters. I felt high, over and beyond happy surrounded by the simplest and most beautiful of things.

linapacan island quotes

An excerpt from my travel journal entry.

Oozing with emotions and feelings from that phenomenal trip, I am confident to call this finished piece “Linapacan Blue” – a reminder of the transcendent experience I had in Northern Palawan.

A journey which has led me to do the things that I love in life. A journey which gave me more reasons to smile everyday, to immerse with color, to be struck by beauty in people and in places, to be free-spirited, and ultimately, to be myself.

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