Natural Staircases

Working on a painting of Philippines’ Batad Rice Terraces scared me on the first few minutes that I decided to use the brighter green paint than the dim one. In relation to the tons of photos I took when we went trekking there last April 2014, the atmosphere was foggy and the type of green that I was looking for was clearly not there. So, I made my own green mixture.

One layer at a time, I built up the “fun” green color of the rice paddies and made subtle differences on the ridges, adjusting the colors from dark to light. Notice the slabs of black paint scattered all over the place. It was ultimately a wrong move. Talk about painting these beautiful natural staircases. I should have known better though.

Never outline a painting with black paint if you’re not really sure what will come out of it. Black is a dirty color. Enough said.

I could recall what was taught to me by a fine visual artist years ago. He told me never to use black as it makes the artwork undesirable. At first, I said “ok, he knows what he’s talking about.” But then after experimenting on different instances of using black, I loved its effect – most especially if you want to give emphasis to the subject.

It grabs everyone’s attention. See the houses? Yes, emphasis. (This is the part where I will say that it’s actually a great excuse for an obvious mistake.)

Here’s to the 7th week of #WatercolorWednesdays!

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