The Watercolor Attempt

A decade ago, I was obsessed with oil pastels and acrylic paint. Well, stretched canvases were my thing. These were my “weapons” when I join inter-school, provincial, regional, and national painting contests. I have never expected that after all those years, I would be holding a small camel hair brush and mixing tubes of watercolor paint on my make-shift plastic palette.

Before I entered Nursing school in 2007, I was somehow passively “trained” to be the best young artist in Iloilo City. Grade school and High school molded me to be competitive, to use my mind to make unique compositions, and to maintain that consistency in my work. I was that religious to art.

During college, I stopped joining competitions. My dreams of becoming the best young artist in my generation was placed on hold. I sacrificed that creative part of me in order to focus on my demanding subjects. I did well in school and I graduated.

Thus, here I am today, writing and chronicling my new journey in art, reigniting that flame I had in me years ago. The art that grew as I grew and changed as I changed. is now the hub of my artworks and creative brain-pukes. Finally, a personal and intimate space in the web that I can share my thoughts and feelings without thinking about design principles or travel notes. A place where I will showcase my recent pieces, practice materials, and deep thoughts about everything in between (life, work, creative blocks, projects, and love? – haha).

This is my abode – no poetic prose, no syntax or codes. It will just be me without the flowery stuff. lol

So, welcome!

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  1. Neal October 10, 2014

    Looks great Regine! Looking forward to reading more. Didn’t know that you did competitions, that’s cool.

    • reginegarcia October 10, 2014 — Post Author

      Hi Neal, thank you! That is one side of me that not all people know. I was doing art as far as I could remember but when I had that halt, I thought I lost it all.

      Now, we can actually talk about techniques and stuff. Oh and I promise to practice my saxophone soon lol! Thanks for dropping by!

  2. Jocatanusintrepido October 10, 2014

    Congratulations Day2x your simply the best ;);)

    • reginegarcia October 11, 2014 — Post Author

      Tita Jo! Thank you so much for your unending support :)

  3. Nonoy October 10, 2014

    What happened to your nursing career? Just kidding, don’t answer that. Great work! and congrats for reclaiming your own domain. :)

    • reginegarcia October 11, 2014 — Post Author

      Hey Nonoy! :) Thank you! The nursing bit will be elaborated soon in this site (or not?! – lol). Yihee. It took me three years to reclaim my Php13,000 worth name hahaha!!!

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