Woman of Bontoc

The intricate details of the human face haunts me. That is the main reason why I do mostly cartoons instead of fine sketches. Every time I “try” to make a portrait, the paper would always (and I mean always) end up crumpled. Yes, I abhor doing portraits just because I could not train my eyes and my hands to do what my brain tells them to do.

I must admit, I was afraid of trying.

Today is the 6th week of my #WatercolorWednesdays project and combining both my fear in doing human faces and watercolors, I gave birth to this painting of a woman in Bontoc, Mountain Province.

This in particular is very difficult to do because there’s a clash between “you can’t do it” and “yes, I will try to do it” in my subconscious mind. That genius (similarly found in this post ) residing in me is really annoying. She critiques unlike any other and she’s only there to put me down. That’s the dilemma.

And while applying the colors layer by layer, leaving the highlights untouched, creating depth and tones, I ended up creating an outline around her body and her face. This “Woman of Bontoc” piece was very close to being tossed outside the studio because of the flaws that I have seen – the odd facial features, the disproportionate body, the misuse of shadows.

But I decided to keep it in order to preserve the process of transition from cartooning to painting real people. I decided to keep it because I know the future paintings will become better – less flaws and more techniques.

Just like her keeping the clay pots balanced, I too am keeping my balance in this thing called art.

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