I‘m currently taking my Master’s Degree in Development Communication. This is where I will be dumping all of my school requirements and unsolicited thoughts in my journey towards graduation. haha. (If you reached this page, wow, you are a ninja!)

202: Development Communication Concepts & Approaches

Media Effects Survey – tool in measuring the effect of Mass Media in people and the results

The Proactive Information Society Critique and Analysis

203: Cultural & Critical Theories & Frameworks in Media & Mass Communication

Communication and Media in the Healthcare of the Philippines – a synthesis paper on Symbolic Interactionism, Social Construction of Reality, Interpretative Theory of Culture, Media Construction of Reality, and Cultural Theories

Empowerment through Modern Media

204: Communication Research & Evaluation

Hearty Conversations –¬†A Qualitative Study of Communication between¬†Individuals with Hypertension and Healthcare Professionals

eHealth Philippines – An Evaluation of a Development Communication Program

207: Multimedia Production

Beyond the Dot – a synthesis paper on Interactivity, Hypertext and Hypermedia, Web 2.0 and Web 3.0, and Social Media

We Need Nature – a pre-production concept paper

208: Communication, Social Marketing & Social Mobilization

Learning Assessment – Social Marketing and Social Mobilization Introduction

Final Assessment РImplementation of Campaigns

The Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Campaign –¬†A comprehensive social marketing campaign to reduce unintended teenage pregnancy

242: Communication & Media in the ASEAN Context