I name almost all of my things and luckily, this little fellow received one of the cutest names I like. Say hello to Prescott. He’s a little orange sketchbook that could fit in my palm and has easy to detach pages. I got this from a local art store and its paper quality is ok for doodling and light “watercolor-ing.”

Here are some of my random sketches using pen and cheap watercolors I bought for less than Php50. Yes, the ones that kids use in their art class! smile

prescott 01

Little Blue Jellyfish

prescott 03

Elroy’s Tree of Life

prescott 04

Robots in Love

prescott 05

Elroy and his Playground

prescott 06

2024 Water Buffalo

If whimsical and fantasy concepts don’t invade my brain, I would do some semi-real-ish paintings like these.

prescott 02

Sundown Tranquility

prescott 07

Sojourn in Bacsal Island

prescott 08

San Juanico Bridge

prescott 09

Morning Harvest

prescott 10

The Climb

prescott 11

Of Hammocks and Sunsets

Sometimes, when I get totally bored, I would end up doing these little ink works.

prescott 12

“He has no idea I was doodling him!”

prescott 13

prescott 14

And sometimes, I would experiment on whatever “weapon” I have inside my little leather sling bag. Voila! A Faber-Castell Albrecht Dürer Watercolor Pencil!

prescott 15

Often times, I would end up using both ink and cheap watercolor. It’s therapy to me. wink

prescott 16

Cartoon-y take on my cheap watercolor

prescott 17

Quick sketch and paint session with Lukie.

At any given day, time, and place, I may be blotting some more paint on Prescott. Even if it requires me dipping my paintbrush (yet again) in my coffee.

prescott 18

Yep. Cheap watercolor did the trick for dull and stressful moments.

prescott 19

Spider Plant on the Sidewalk

And who could ever miss out on a spread filled with lines and color!

prescott 20

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  1. Jocatanusintrepido October 25, 2014

    Love these art work Day ;) keep it up!!

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