Regine Garcia as a
Visual Communication Designer


She’s that friend whom you’ll call when your website needs fixing. Apart from the technical stuff, Regine Garcia is your average, weird, young, funny lady.

Regine Garcia is a young, dynamic, and enthusiastic Visual Communication Designer (and Visual Artist). She currently works full-time as a designer, developer, and consultant on the web for private companies and individuals. In her spare time, she goes island-hopping around the Philippines, spending some time learning about the lives of the locals, and extending her help in underserved communities as an active volunteer nurse.

Yes, she’s a Licensed Nurse but she found herself more at home and more alive in creative problem-solving.

For over a decade (including the years during her Nursing education), she has learned the ropes around the creative design industry through trial and error. Her skills were honed through self-teaching from available resources in the school library, and of course, the internet. She has established herself as one of the pioneers in the development of designs across a myriad of platforms: Multiply, Joomla, Drupal, Blogger, and now, WordPress. She has worked with a lot of amazing people since 2007, providing them with the same quality of service until at present.

Her expertise in the web design industry and passion for helping other people earned her the trust of all her clients. She is a professional in her field and she never fails to create an environment that promotes open communication with her clients. She is as fun-loving and energetic both in her personal life and in her career.

… and she finds it ridiculously weird writing in third person, but does it anyway. ?

Visual Communication Design is far from one’s personal expression. It’s never about perfect aesthetics – although it can be perceived as a fundamental need. Being a designer, my main responsibility is utilizing creativity in solving visual communication problems.

It’s always about
Functional Visual Communication

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