Cold Mornings in Leon, Iloilo

The dawn of the first day of December 2014 and I woke up listening to the soughing wind in the pines towering outside our small tent. The coldness of the morning pulled me out of the sheets as my toes were already numb, my knees quivering, and my body trembling. I fixed a cup of hot coffee at 5 and it was still dark and chilly when the cocks began crowing.

Quietly, I sat on the wooden table, crossing my legs and wrapping my hands around the warm mug, feeling the chill traveling from my toes to my spine as I awaited for my friends to wake up. The encompassing beauty of the countryside in Leon, Iloilo was revealed as the darkness slowly faded and the streaks of light came passing through the spaces between twigs and branches.

“This is extremely blissful.” With wonderment, I whispered.

And so began another magical painting session around nature. Soft lights were touching the subjects as my paintbrush dance on the blank watercolor paper, giving them that breath of life. Bold colors were slowly emerging as I followed through the thin lines of the sketch, filling every gap with cold water and watching the pigments swirl through the canvas.

bucari leon garden

A painting of our tent and the surrounding pine trees in Bucari, Leon, Iloilo.

Another sip of coffee. Another painting done.

As my friends went on with their large cameras and obvious enthusiasm to shoot, I lugged my tubes of paint, brushes, and paper on a perfect spot beside a huge pine tree trunk. I sat on the moist grass and did another painting – tall trees, peaceful environment, beautiful lighting. After the small finishing touches, I lay my materials on the ground and spent the remaining minutes breathing in deeply and meditating.

bucari leon painting pine trees

The gorgeous towering pine trees in Bucari, Leon, Iloilo.

Moments like these just blow me away. Life does not need to be complicated.

Here’s to the beginning of a phenomenal 2015 waiting to be filled with life-changing moments, crazy memories, and creative sessions.


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