Of Painting in a Little Hut

Crazy hot that afternoon was. My sketchbook served as a mini shade in my search to find the perfect spot to paint in the Malalison Island shoreline. I was quite excited to do a live painting session there covering a different area. I did one last time under the Talisay tree surrounded by so many children near the sandbar – haha! My backpack was equipped with watercolor tubes, paint brushes, and of course, drinking water. I was that enthusiastic despite the heat.

Walking alone along the coast, I was eyeing on another Talisay tree to settle down and begin sketching but the angle was too cluttered. Small boats were all in front of me and the shadow of the tree will soon change direction. I headed on with the hopes of finding that one special place to make it all happen. Then from a distance, I saw a tiny hut quietly sitting in the middle of the coast.

“Perfect!” I said.

As I got closer, I caught a little boy staring at me. When I waved at him, he hurriedly tugged the shirt of his mom. They both looked at me with sheer curiosity. I flashed them with a smile and asked if it is ok for me to stay in their hut for a while. The mother said yes and I was relieved to be sitting under the shade of the hut, so comfortable, so cool, so peaceful, that I instantly drew out my things and said to her “Nay, mapinta ko diri ha? (Ma’am, I’ll be painting here, ok?)”

She nodded.

I began making basic washes on my sketchbook. While I was in the process of mixing more colors, her second son joined us and watched me “play.” Then I initiated a conversation with Audrey, the mother. She happily narrated to me her life story, how she and her husband met, how she sacrificed her job to become a full-time housewife – it was quite a humbling experience getting to know her while painting all at the same time. Her sons shared some tales about school and their friends as well. The four of us spent the afternoon together exchanging stories.

Malalison Island Painting

Painting the western side of the island

In the middle of the session, I heard people murmuring something behind my back. Literally, they are there talking behind me but I did not mind. I continued on, hoping to finish the painting before going back. Then, this girl, a 6th grader, asked me what was I doing. “Painting” I replied. I asked her to sit beside me as she was outside the hut under the sweltering heat. Two more came in and another three.

And when I finally finished my work, as I stood up, there were 14 people around me – all smiling, all clapping their hands, all congratulating me for a job well done.

Live painting malalison antique

Another live painting I did in the eastern side of the island.

Wow. I feel deeply honored to be surrounded by them. They made me feel right at home. I’ll never get tired of Malalison Island.


  1. earl

    hi Ms. Regine, I am an art enthusiast too, I was more inspired when I started following your blogs with your live painting sessions,
    I wish I could do it like what you’re doing when I’ll go to other places just to record one a precious moment 🙂
    I’m a mountaineer too, and I have made my first artwork too, I have painted the Mt. Parker located in T’boli, South Cotabato.
    You’re one of my inspiration to continue loving this craft called painting 🙂

    • reginegarcia

      Hi Ms Earl 🙂 Thank you so much for your kind words. I did not expect that my “painting journey” would reach people like you – haha! But on a serious note, I am glad that I have inspired you to fall in love with painting. Falling in love with it is easy, but falling in love with it over and over again is the ultimate challenge. 😀

      I hope to meet you and paint with you soon 🙂

      • earl

        Indeed Reg, it’s a challenge, one should make time with it despite of a busy schedule, and maintaining the good mood just to make a piece is one of my problem too, once I stopped it’s hard for me to continue again, I’ll wait for the time when I regain my urge to paint 😀 ,
        and I can relate to that feeling- (I hate doing portraits too.) Haha!
        I preferred to paint natures,”talikodgenic”, and “takilidgenic / side view” poses only Haha!

        Hoping to meet you too and have an art session with you! ^__^


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