Painting Tañon Strait

I have spent some quiet and peaceful nights inside a comfortable tent with two new friends that I met in Cebu City before arriving at Badian (a small municipality in the province of Cebu) last January. The sound of the waves crashing onto the shore were my constant lullabies at night and the chirping of the birds when the sun rises was my natural alarm clock.

Truly, you can’t get enough of nature in Terra Manna Resort. The feeling was so relaxing that you just could not resist admiring the wonderful view in a full 360 degrees – especially when it is one of the most beautiful things you could ever see upon waking up.

There is something really special about painting in situ that day. I was seated just outside the tent while my friends were taking a walk. My legs were anchored onto the moist grass, my watercolor paint scattered all over, and my brushes were idle on the improvised water container. With that grand top view of Tañon Strait and the island of Negros across me, I was completely wordless.


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