Regine Garcia as
a Visual Artist

Regine Garcia artworks

Regine Garcia illustrates the narrative of Philippines’ contemporary rural life, pushing for the resurrection of hope and optimism among Filipinos.

Latest Work

Padayon sa Pagpangabuhi by Regine Garcia

“Padayon sa Pagpangabuhi”

“Continue Living” in Hiligaynon

4ft x 3ft (landscape) Watercolor on Paper

In a never-ending cycle of fighting through life’s problems and taking daring leaps forward, my work shows Filipinos’ tenacity in the face of hardship. I’m inspired by how farmers, fishermen, and rural laborers face the challenges of life with such resilience and optimism despite poverty and the pandemic.


It is their willpower, determination, and inner strength that kept the country alive through sufficient food supply.


I’ve lived and immersed myself in the province for several years and the narratives of farmers and fishermen always ignited my passion for art – to create visuals that tell their story. I felt how hard their lives are with little compensation, children to feed, and going about their day to day to provide for their families.

Just like any Filipino navigating through the aftermath of the pandemic, with that same spirit of resilience, we push forward to a progressive journey of recovering.

“Padayon sa Pagpangabuhi” is a testament to every Filipino’s inner strength.


2016 Binulad by Regine Garcia


36in x 48in(portrait) Watercolor on Paper

National Finalist
12th National GSIS Art Competition (2016)

2019 One Last Breath by Regine Garcia

“One Last Breath”

30in x 40in (portrait) Watercolor on Paper

Semi Finalist – Watermedia
Metrobank Art and Design Excellence (MADE)
Recognition Program (2019)

Regine Garcia Paglaum GSIS Finalist 2023

“Paglaum (Hope)”

36in x 48in (portrait) Watercolor on Paper

National Finalist
18th GSIS National Art Competition (2023)

Artist Profile

The day to day living of Philippines’ contemporary rural life are the subjects of Regine Garcia’s watercolor paintings.

malalison island kids

The artist sees herself as an observer, a narrator of the lives of the people living in the remote areas of the country, and a voice for the economically disadvantaged. Her works document the ways of life of laborers, farmers, fishermen, and their families that portray the realness of society, political injustices, cultural conflicts, and the changes of tradition in the modern digital era. In her paintings, people and objects are brought together in familiar scenes that take place in coastal and agricultural areas of the 21st century Philippines. The simplicity of life depicted in her paintings is captured in an environment that is rapidly changing.

Working with watercolor on paper, she uses bright and vibrant tones that
make her works come to life, providing a strong physical presence. Her social realism works aim to preserve a piece of culture and tradition in the ever-changing society, uniquely expressed with rich and bold colors. “I try to make my works tell the story of the people whom I have encountered, their struggles in life, and their happiness, all found in a quaint coastal village that I once called my home.”

The artist currently lives and works in Iloilo City, Philippines.

Other Works