The 3 Letters every Entrepreneur should Know – SEO

Your product will not fly out of the shelves on its own without Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The biggest mistake that people who are trying to shift from the offline to the online marketplace is the belief that having a website or a social media page is enough. That is why the web is abound with pages of businesses that are dusting in the corner because of the lack of traffic and interaction. What most businesses need to see is that even in our new reality, where our lives revolve around the internet, the concepts and strategies on how to reach customers are still the same but there are new tools who do the same functions that we need to understand and we need to master. 

Even in the past, the entrepreneurs who eventually succeed are those that understand how to put the word out about their products or services to prospective customers. Whether that’s roaming the streets shouting your lungs out while peddling your goods, or putting out flyers and posters to the streets, our buying space in a major daily or spending exorbitant amounts on TV or radio ads, the objective is to bring what you offer to a larger audience so that they can try you out. In this age, however, a Facebook or Instagram page is not enough. You have to put the word out. And that is where these three letters come in — SEO.

Importance of SEO

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The Solution – SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a very broad subject that has in its umbrella or all efforts, both organic and tech-based that allows your brand to climb high in the list of search engines so that people will have a higher chance of seeing your product or service when they search for it. It involves a multitude of simultaneous efforts that aim people to your website or social media platforms. While it requires specialist knowledge to handle the more complex aspects of this field, there are certain aspects that you can control.

While it is best to leave the technical aspects to the experts, what is within your reach is the part where you ensure the quality of the content you put out. This is where this whole effort starts. When putting out material, SEO efforts require that you use keywords that people who are looking for your product or service usually use when they type on that search box. It requires a complete understanding of what questions they ask, what exact words they use and how they craft their searches when trying to find you. With this knowledge in hand, you create your articles or design your content in a way that maximizes these searches.  It starts primarily by making sure that every caption, image or story you put out there contains these words so that when the search engines sweep for what websites or pages to show, your page or website will be high up there in the list.

This field may be complex and highly technical but the heart of this effort can be controlled by you. It is highly recommended that entrepreneurs trying to shift their business online must at least learn the basics of this Search Engine Optimization (SEO) but, what they must ensure and control is how their content has all of the words that their future customers are typing, giving them a fair chance of being seen in this highly cluttered marketplace.



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