Funk and Function in Perfect Fusion

Website design has indeed come a long way from in the last two decades. For years, designers all over the world has been grappling with the need to find the right mix between making their pages aesthetically pleasing and keeping the page functional. Limitations on many fronts have prevented these two from finding equilibrium but major breakthroughs now allows us to come up with stunning graphics and designs without sacrificing functionality and website speeds. There are a lot of speculation on what new trends website design will be heading to as we shift to the new decade. Out of the many forecasts made by experts and commentators in the field of design, we have come up with five major themes that seem to be universally accepted as the next dominant patterns and styles that we will see in most of the websites.

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Dark Mode and Minimalist Color Schemes 

Most analysts foresee the high use of dark mode backgrounds. It’s ultra-modern and sophisticated feel along with its natural ability to help viewers to distinguish the buttons and function of a website easier will make this an easy pick for those who want that simple elegance and functionality aid in their design concepts.

Also, a number of websites have been coming out showing the preference for either black and white themes or a leaning towards soft and trendy or luminous colors. Going into one of these two directions usually means that the designer is going for a minimalist feel that can both refreshing to the eye or removes the feeling of too much clutter and blinding brightness of some color tones.

Big Oversized and Outlined Fonts

If the previous year was any indication, the web saw the proliferation of websites using either oversized text our outline fonts. Both are indications that designers are trying to be either louder or more daring in the delivery of their main message or headlines as a way to push the words right in front of the eye of the readers.

For big fonts, most will notice that not just larger but are big enough to be read from a distance, as if saying that their message must stand out from the noise and the maze within sight. Some are even using fonts big enough to overshoot the borders, making the imperfection noticeable thus catching the viewer’s attention. This reason also explains the use of outlined fonts. The uniqueness and the contrast it provides can be a subtle yet effective ploy for viewers to notice the message.


3D Elements, Layering and Geometric Patterns

Most websites these days employ 3D elements one way or another. It can be a static image or an interactive visuals, this element became sort of a staple in most designs to add more realism to the message. This is usually combined with layering effects to help the design come alive in the eyes and the imagination of the viewer. The added layers helps communicate a more complex message and adds more vitality to the visual.

Meanwhile, as a complement to bold fonts and the use of gradient colors, a lot of designers are bringing back the use of geometric figures. Proper utilization of these lines and shapes adds a futuristic feel to the whole template giving the viewer the sense of something to look forward to.

Mixing Photographs with Graphic Designs

This design trend, done correctly, can be used a statement that can be both breath-taking and forward-looking. Not only does It help the design stand out from the crowd but this fusion of the real and the imagined appeals so much because this inspired visual treat can mean so many things to so many people that it can be tactically used to as an eye-candy and make the idea stick. It’s like creativity on steroids for most viewers and makes the brand using it look revolutionary and trendy. Fashionable and breaking boundaries. Mixed with some of the aforementioned elements, this design trend helps cement the brand’s DNA as a product or company of the future. While these are not the only trends that can be expected to rise in the years to come, these are surely
the most widely accepted movements that will surely shape the way designers and creative managers of the website conceptualize the websites of the future. The onus is now on the brand to choose a style that fits well with the message they want to convey.


3D Images thru Pinterest.


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