Give Before You Receive: Why Content is Key to a Successful Website

The advent of the internet age has forced many entrepreneurs to adapt with the way they do business to establish their presence and make a shift to e-commerce. It is necessary in order to remain a relevant and thriving business. However, most seem to be clueless on how to manage this transition and most are suffering from a lack of appreciation of the power of the tools around them.

The first real challenge is to determine what to put in the website. Since most people consider themselves visual, a lot of entrepreneurs and web designers focus most on their efforts on making their website look good and unique. But in the process, most of them forget that the actual content is equally, if not, more important in order to keep the viewers interested and engaged in what they have to offer. Now, more than ever, the quality of the content you put on your website plays a crucial role in customer satisfaction and your marketing efforts.

Possibly the make or break of any website is the kind of information that you give. Most website hosts and social media managers are so focused on plastering their pages with offers and self-promotion without even considering what the viewers really want especially if this is their first time to visit your domain. One overlooked desire of future and current visitors is to receive up-to-date and useful information. These people did not come to your page with the intention of being mesmerized by the stunning graphics and innovative designs but to seek information and knowledge relevant to their lives. That is why well-written and up-to-date content still matters more than slick patterns and hues. The content should also be updated so that the viewers will be hooked and will keep on coming back to you because of your reliability in providing material they need. This might just be your key to gaining new and loyal customers.

Another overlooked fact is that the sale is not made by the visuals. No matter how good your designs are, this will not affect the traffic of people visiting your site. People will still type keywords in the search engines that will lead them to websites which may contain possible answers to their questions or to their needs. Thus, content is equally vital in your marketing efforts because the more text you put in that includes related words or topics that people search for, the more people will eventually find their way to you. Also, clever writing can turn some of your texts into hyperlinks that can lead your viewers to other content in your site that they might have missed or to other pages that can be useful for them. 

At the end of the day, it’s not always the looks that matter. It’s often what you offer that counts. And for websites, more than the design or the amazing functions, the information you give that adds value to the visitors will be appreciated the most. So in planning for a new website, entrepreneurs might want to consider the importance of hiring a good writer to be of equal footing with the selection of an amazing designer. In the end, it will surely spell the difference.


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