How to Communicate with an Audience Locked in Quarantine

We are now faced with a new normal. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread at an alarming rate all over the world, governments are forced to take drastic measures to control its continued transmission. In most cases, that means putting entire states and even countries on lockdown or quarantine. This means forcing people to stay indoors unless absolutely necessary. And as this goes on, stores are now forced to close or are limiting the number of people they let in. People are out of the streets and locked in their homes. Most of us have to reorient and reprogram our lives to function while we avoid being part of the rapidly increasing number of people affected by this virus.

For businesses, without being sensitive to the plight of those who have contracted this disease, this means that operations need to be altered or even halted in some cases. But this also means that their prospective customers are stuck in their homes and glued to their phones and computers because they have little else to do. This then is the perfect time to start shifting the business online. As you embark on this it is crucial to know what to consider when coming up with the strategy that will efficiently help with the smooth transition of your business during this time.

First of all, an entrepreneur must keep in mind that they are not the only one who is thinking of this move. Most entrepreneurs are thinking of the same thing and are pulling all the stops to establish and even amp up their online presence. This means that the internet is now flooded with so many messages that are competing for the customer’s attention. That is why it is important to know that potential customers are constantly searching and lurking online. This requires putting out more content that offers real value to your targeted audience.

Entrepreneurs should also start accepting that this will be their reality for a very long time so all efforts should be for the long haul. Campaigns, strategies, and business models should be reorganized to operate online for an extended time. When creating content, digital marketers should plan ahead by making sure that they have content ready and campaigns rolling for weeks and months to ensure a steady presence in the consciousness of targeted customers.

The campaigns you should create must now consider strategies that would cater to the diverse online market.

Because of the difficulties that people are facing right now, special offers will be widely appreciated and sought after. Entrepreneurs must consider offering discounts and other schemes that allow people access to their services while they are at home at reasonable prices. Even Pay-Per-Click (PPC) will work during this period for the right products and the right reasons. Keep in mind that the way the business handles and takes care of its customers at this time will go a long way. Once this situation has passed then customers will be more likely to remember the brands that offered them something good during these hard times.

Your marketing and advertising efforts do not need to go on quarantine as this virus rages on. Your efforts should be sensitive and in tune with the needs of the time. That is why if you are not yet shaking up your business to adjust to this new normal, then you are surely missing a lot.



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