Importance of Web Design

Web design is not merely “prettying things” in websites or focusing on the aesthetic aspect of it [as what most people would think]. Web design involves multiple disciplines that includes planning and execution of web sites through technical development (markup and various scripting languages), structuring information, visual design, and networked delivery of content. Web design is not just “presentation” of information, rather, its the of creation “good” designs encouraging interactive responses from the audience or users.

Almost anyone in any industry needs a well-structured, carefully planned website to showcase their information throughout the entire internet and reach their targeted audiences.

importance of web design

Means of Communication

The internet is one of the most effective communication mediums available. Color choices, graphics, and even branding play similar roles in the quest to present information. Web design stands in between – utilizing design to communicate.

Its not only a one-way street.

Communication involves the participation of the users and vis-a-vis. Fact is, users communicate to get the necessary information they need and websites provide them with so many resources to choose from. Audiences from different parts of the world browsing through websites expect quality content that they could use or refer to. This not only limits web design to communication but as well as to the facilitation of leads.


(Photo Credit: usdagov)

Interactivity – a major element that keeps a user engaged in a website. Since every site is designed to give out pieces of useful data, the combination of design and functionality makes this medium reach its users efficiently and effectively. The users in turn will quickly pick up their much needed packets of data and keep their attention planted onto the structure and aesthetic of the website “design.”

Platform for Marketing

Web design does not only limit itself in defining the look of pages. Web design, in this fast-paced environment, is used most commonly in wider areas of internet marketing. A clear understanding of the targeted audience, the current trends, and the culture of users are required to create a strategic output that could convert readers into consumers.

Websites are meant to be designed to urge visitors to do what you want them to do (ex. click a button, subscribe to a newsletter, vote, participate in a survey, purchase an item, listen to a song, send a feedback, etc.).

importance of web design marketing

A web design I made for American Idol Top 10 Finalist, Ramiele Malubay – Launched last 2008.

The General Scope of Web Design

A website serves as a “round-the-clock” face of you or your company which needs to be designed and developed with much precision and attention to detail.

It takes no more than 50 milliseconds (that’s 0.05 seconds) for users to form an opinion about your website. 0.05 seconds – that’s all a user needs to determine whether they like your site or not, whether they’ll stay or leave. (Source: BBC News)

Quality web design makes sure that your site could convey information, build trust, look clean and professional, load fast, generate leads, and provide a great user experience.

If people believe a website looks good, then its positive quality will spread to other areas, such as the website’s content. People will then continue to use the website that made a good first impression. 😉


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