Newsletter Marketing: Why it Still Works.

They are usually treated as unnecessary clutter in your inbox. That is why for most marketers, newsletters are treated as a last resort tool or a complementary effort that is not given a lot of attention and importance. While most businesses, when choosing which platform to use to spread the word about their brands, will normally choose the sexy options like Facebook and Instagram due to the sheer number of people that are in them and the rate of engagement. But there are studies that show that email marketing still gives the highest ROI for every buck spent out of all the platforms available to your marketing team. Why is this the case and how can we use good old fashion Newsletters and Email marketing as one of your most potent marketing tools?


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The key here is targeting and content. Email marketing can yield high results if done correctly because it offers value-rich content that is more informative and useful to the intended audience. The secret is to first accept that this medium relies more on the quality of the audience and not the quantity. Filtering your e-mail list and finding the right people to talk is key to your strategy. Filter so you will not be considered as spam. And craft your approach in such a way that you offer valuable information first that will make them want to keep you on their radar without being too pushy in sending newsletters. In fact, don’t use the word “newsletters” at all. It is e-mail correspondence you are giving that will continue to provide the important information that they need.

And then once they are in, ensure that you are giving them value-rich content. There should be no let-up in this. The customer allowed you in because of this promise. Keep sending relevant content regularly so that you will be at the top of their consciousness. If possible, you can run multiple contents and run different invites to different streams of information and topic if possible so that they can treat you as a valuable source of knowledge.

 By cultivating the right audience and keeping them on the hook through amazing content, these loyal followers are bound to patronize your product or service more because the value you add to their lives and the depth of interaction and information you give is unparalleled compared to other platforms that may look like the sexier choice because of their popularity but are full of clutter and unable to give the quality of interaction that email marketing can. So the next time you create a strategy for your brand that will give you more bang for the buck, you might want to put Newsletters right up there in your list and be amazed by its results.



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