Understanding The Value of Good Design

Every design output is created to communicate “visually.” Therefore, it is essential that the whole design of you graphic or website should reflect who you are, your personality – as a person, as an organization, and as a business. It is your design that gives visitors that first (lasting) impression.

Design matters. It is simple as that.

As the Internet is now significantly prevalent in our society, it has become a common place to log in, perform, and simplify everyday tasks: shop, get directions, research products, find details about a hospital, or seek answers to so many questions. Businesses and other organizations begin to understand the dynamic. They are presently recognizing the importance and the need for an effective web presence – not just a web site, but a real presence on the web.

Web presence – It is a way for you to connect and interact with your audience and draw them in. An effective web presence provides a way to build trust. It explains how you can meet your targeted audience’s needs and why they should choose to do business with you.

The value of good design commits to building a successful web presence. Good design will equip you to better reach your audience. The more strategic you are in your visual communication, the more likely you will be to succeed in your efforts. And ultimately, the more successful you will be in making you, your organization, or your company stand out in your unique industry.

Simple Case Study

The Scenario: I am (hypothetically) planning a long-term trip around four countries to get to know their culture and to experience their “nightlife.” In the middle of my planning, I have marked down the cities that I will be staying in for the week and the tourist spots that I will be checking out. All I need now are awesome clubs that I should visit.

So, I searched the internet…

web design 70s

Upon searching for clubs in the nearest area, a link came up and it brought me to this site (above). Apparently, it is not what I was looking for.

Problem: Aside from the glittering .gif images on the website header and the use of strong, unappealing colors over a black background, it took me a second to close the browser after seeing “online station” on the top portion of the page. This truly lacks a lot of design elements that could have pulled me to click on other links and “engage” in the site.

Again, I keyed in a new search…

web design aliens

I was brought to this “alien-like” website located at Planet Earth, which technically is true, but as a long-term traveler, I need a specific place. This made me look closer and then I saw an emphasis on the  island it was located. Good. But my eyes got sore after several flashes of yellow-green light on the background.

Problem: It’s a decent-looking site which lives up to its concept of green lights and aliens but it hurts my eyes in contrast to the black background and the white foreground. What’s more unappealing was the .gif animated rays of light background that flashes back and forth – seemingly giving people the impression that “Hey, we are an alien disco” sort of feel. What could have been better was the limited use of neon green and some design element changes.

Searching for some more clubs, I clicked a link and saw…

web design disco

This website conveyed a pretty clear message of disco, clubbing, and hard-core partying. I am totally convinced that I should come visit the club and experience their nightlife culture. Without even clicking onto anything, I completely understood that I was in a club’s website and not an alien spaceship. Kidding aside.

Problem: Not much. But the site could definitely use some breathing space in terms of the “boxed” elements like the images, sliders, videos, artist profile. Other than that, it gave me a good impression. The links are then worth clicking.

Lastly, I found my last club…

web design rainbow disco club

Looking professional, doesn’t it? This is perhaps one of the more organized sites out there in the disco club industry, and probably falls under the simple yet appealing category. The site (based on the design) shows off its taste in modern minimalism which integrated a few consistent design elements like the use of geometric shapes, subtle background, balanced contrast, and yet it still stood as a website for a club – and probably an expensive one.

Problem: It’s not really a problem but rather a small concern of audiences that are not liking the concept of simple designs. Overall, to me this site is the cleanest and the most professional among the rest. Although some would prefer the one prior to this, but that’s perfectly ok.

That concludes my hypothetical search for clubs around the world.

Why Invest in Good Design?

A good web design (for you, your organization, or even your business) will give you one of the best returns on investment. Not only is it cheaper than print media (not to mention radio and TV), but it will still continue to work in your favor. It will also give you a free avenue for future promotions and online advertising by allowing you to easily update the site that everyone will see.

Visual communication draws your visitors, audiences, and readers and could convert them into prospects, clients, and valued customers.

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