katsa bag
katsa bag





The Katsa brand aims to sell uniquely crafted tote bags to the market while providing employment by involving the local community. The company was looking into the possibility of having a recognizable logo design that reflects their brand – organic, sustainable, and eco-friendly.


Katsa literally means “canvas” in the local Hiligaynon dialect. The concept of the logo came from the texture of the canvas, those weaving patterns, one overlapping the other in opposite directions. To make it look minimal, only two thread-like representations were made to form a letter “K” – and so sprung the official K as the logo and as the logotype of Katsa.

Initially, the logo design was done on paper using watercolor paint for the sole reason of giving out an “organic” feel. Once approved, the initial design was finished off as a scalable vector element. That explains why the logo mark does not look like a perfect circle.

I love canvas tote bags. I love using them casually. It’s one of the reasons why I wanted to work on this project. I wanted to incorporate what I personally would like to see on a bag and use it. That’s me sporting the consumer hat right there!