panatang makabayan
panatang makabayan
panatang makabayan





Panatang Makabayan is a book about the 81 provinces of the Philippines written and published by an inspiring Filipina travel-blogger. The book cover design was custom-illustrated using watercolor, with a more lax and cartoony feel for its intended audience.


Knowing that the book is all about the Philippines, the author wanted the Philippine map to be present in the cover. As for the other design elements, the idea was derived from the nature of what the essentials were to the modern-day travel-blogger. This approach then incorporated some of the things that she always use while traveling the archipelago, making the cover more personalized, more “her” in the process.

Custom Calligraphy: The idea of using a custom font came early on during the conception of the project. This was done by a good friend of mine and I am very happy that we were able to collaborate on such an artsy project. Go check out her awesome stuff!