Social Media Diet

It’s no surprise that the ultimate threshold I had for managing and engaging in social media came earlier than expected. I found that it is easier to keep busy with what is more important in life without being in too many platforms for sharing the tiny things about myself that surely means nothing to anyone. I have learned to let go of all the constant updates, the constant notifications, and just focus on my work and my goals in life. That, to me, is more important than spending too much time with dopamine-inducing social media.

On the other hand, I chose not to remove Facebook just yet. Knowing that my line of work relies on the online world, Facebook is merely a marketing platform rather than a fully-functioning social media site for me. Dribbble too. Hopefully soon, I’d be able to totally remove myself from these sites, but for now, I’m really on a strict social media diet in order that I could fully focus on my art.