Choosing the Creative Path


My years in college as a student nurse taught me how to make sound judgments and reasonable decisions – two valuable lessons I picked up from my patient suffering from Stage III Breast Cancer. While I was taking care of her in the hospital, she shared me stories of her miserable past.

creative path

One short story I will share to you is definitely worth reflecting on: When she was young, she dreamed of becoming a writer, a teacher, and a mother to three kids. She never accomplished any of her dreams. All her life she was groomed by her parents to become a great business woman because according to them it was the “ideal” job. No doubt she enjoyed the perks of her successful career – heaps of money, rest houses, cars, designer clothes. She confessed that she literally forgot about her dreams and ambitions in life. Admittedly, there was one phase that she was ready to begin taking courses in creative writing and even start a family. A few months after, she was diagnosed with cancer. 🙁

“Don’t let go of your dreams in life. Don’t let people decide for you. Decide for yourself because you will be the one to live it. Don’t be like me.” she uttered before falling asleep.

Believe me, I pondered on so many things revolving around life – its cycle, beginnings and ends. From then on it became clear to me that I will never be happy in any area working as a nurse somewhere around the world. I wrote a lot of articles in my travel blog about my beliefs, principles, and plans to detach from the life my parents (and relatives and family friends) expected me to have. To tell you honestly, even today, I am still unsure of what to expect in the line of work I am engaging in.

Everyday Play

everyday play

Constant introspection led me to believe that time is of greater value than luxury. Passion. Flexibility. Excitement. Creativity. In one of my adventures along the shorelines of my father’s homeland, I came to realize that I love the feeling of creating something from scratch, in whatever medium it may be. To me, sketching, painting, sculpting, doodling, or even creating websites give me extreme happiness – especially seeing the final output. I believe, that was my basis for my decision to ditch the nursing career and enter the familiar realm of the creative industry.

It’s a scary world now. No more safety nets. The tough market makes it difficult to stand out from the massive number of established professionals in the field – most especially to the ones “groomed” to become top-notch designers. More so to the ones who studied in Art Colleges that were formed to be great artists.

But still, outstanding portfolios overshadowing my small works of art challenge me to be better. 😉

Choosing the creative path is like choosing to play with colors, canvases, paintbrushes, codes, pixels and syntax rather than “performing” mature grown-up stuff like buying a yacht and paying for a plate of escargot in a fancy French restaurant. Kidding aside. I would rather do something I love than get tired of doing different things that I don’t really like. It’s like playing, exploring new things, loving what you do, and being a child all over again.

The Creative Path

The climb to a successful creative career is a steep one. It’s not guaranteeing you a big fat paycheck or any other extra benefits either. It’s a relatively awesome portal in which you’re exercising both your left and right brain, squeezing out all those creative juices and ideas, and putting them into a powerful output – a work of art. That’s just plain and simple.

It’s a career that transforms ideas into functional outputs, sketches into website elements, random thoughts into various lines of codes. It’s a remarkable line of work that sometimes gives you a “good” headache. 🙂

I chose to follow the creative path because it ignites my passion, fuels my energy, and drives me to put my imagination on platforms where people could see them. I chose to follow the creative path to be myself, to be free from the demands of the corporate world, to inspire, to influence, and to live in simplicity. These very hands have a purpose.

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